Social and Environmental Issues


  • COTAP - 10 USD/month (~1 CO2-tonne/month) since Aug 2019


I rely on many of the quality software below to improve my life. Many of them helped me making a living for the past few years. The people behind these great products below generously release their full (or very close to full) featured software without strict obligations to pay.

Apart from my contributions to open source and social causes, these are direct monetary contributions that I have made so far towards those software projects. I hope to contribute more in the coming years.

I am extremely grateful to live during this time. You have made this world a better place to live in.


  • iTerm2 - 5 USD/month since Dec 2017
  • Homebrew - 5 USD/month since Dec 2017



Projects I wish I could pay for (they’re not accepting payments)