I'm Unnawut.

A Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist
... is not this guy.



But I build neat stuff, take great photos, and occasionally saves the world.
Well, at least I try to.

what i do as a multi-discipline primate.
I'm a business-minded mobile/web developer, a tinkerer, a TEDster, and a traveller.
That means I do ...
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development (Android/iOS)
  • Business-Technology Consultancy (Cost-Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Technology Selection, Change Management, etc.)
  • Technology Consultancy (IT Project Management, System Implementation, System Integration, etc.)
And looking for opportunities in ...
  • Social innovation/entrepreneurship
  • Spreading TED ideas to Thailand
  • Study of Complex Systems
  • Tinkering, creating and testing out new ideas
  • Help you make this world a better place to live in :)

I believe that everything, every ideas, every law that governs the universe are inter-related in some way. That means everywhere is an opportunity to discover new ideas and new solutions.

We no longer live in a world where science is science or art is art. We're entering a world where discrete ideas are fused to create endless possibilities. And only those who realize and react now, will benefit from it all.

IT - Business = Technology of no use
Business - IT = Untapped opportunities
Business + IT = Wherever you want to be.
showcase Showing off what I love to do.
Analytics for TED Language Coordinators
TED Translator Stats

Analytics Development

Tron-Inspired Bike Light

Arduino Programming / Tinkering


80,000+ Downloads Android App

True Corporation
True Corporation

Android App Development

MUIC Volunteer 2010 Video Project
MUIC Volunteer Video Project

Video Production & Editing

HLP Hackathon Finalist
HLP Hackathon 2011 Finalist

Mobile Programming Hackathon

Personal Website (2008)
Personal Website (2008)

Web Design & Development

Advance Know How Co. Ltd.

Web Design


Editorial, Web Design & Dev

Sayompoo Studio
Sayompoo Studio

Web Design Concept

She Has Flair!
She Has Flair!

Web Design & Development

Guang Postcard
Guang Postcard

Web Design Concept

everywhere else See where else I hang out in this wild wild world.
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