First, a bold disclaimer that I’m no coffee expert, but I do have a difficult time finding coffee beans that I like. My coffee preference gradually moved towards bolder drinks, i.e. I started drinking coffee with iced mocha, then cappucino, then finally settling down with espresso.

Since I started drinking espresso, I noticed I’ve become more picky about the bean. I suppose it’s to do with espresso being pretty much concentrated coffee, not diluted in milk or anything other than a small amount of water. And buying a bag of coffee beans only to find out that I dislike it after a shot brings much sadness to life.

Recently I was recommened by an OmiseGO colleague, Noei, to Koom-Koom. When I asked for a coffee bean that is very low to no acidity for espresso, the store person recommended Doi Saket, a 100% Arabica from Chiang Mai. I bought that bean and was not disappointed. It’s pretty much a mid-to-dark roast, a little sweet, and does not taste sour at all.

Koom Koom Coffee (Ikea clipper not included :p)

Koom-Koom calls itself a wholesale shop, so the minimum order is 1kg. The price is very affordable though and orders are shipped twice a week. Doi Saket costed me 330 Baht for a kilo, plus 95 Baht shipping (shipping cost is billed exactly as quoted by the shipping company), so no big deal. My order arrived within a week, just in time before my Starbucks beans ran out.

If you are looking for a coffee bean for your espresso, and you like it with little to no acidity, this may be worth trying. Head out to their online shop to order.

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